Squirt's Car Wash is the Premier Touch Free and Self Serve Car Wash! Our new state-of-the-art facility delivers superior wash performance with lots of options to choose from. Our touch free car wash systems uses the latest technology to provide exceptional cleaning and is environmentally friendly by allocating a consistent amount of water and chemicals with each and every wash eliminating unnecessary waste. Our self serve bays have 12 convenient options.
Squirt's Car Wash is committed to the environment. Specially designed equipment, phosphorous-free soaps, efficient DC motors, water-saving technologies, and high-efficiency led lighting combine to save resources. Less water, less power and less waste leaves a positive result on our planet.

For the best in interior cleaning SQUIRT'S Car Wash provides 3 vacuum islands with a total of 6 high powered self serve vacuums including 3 high powered rug shampoo machines and 3 fragrance machines.

The facility is safe and secure with 24 hour surveillance and well illuminated for the night use. In fact we are the first ALL LED LIGHTING CAR WASH FACILITY IN THE CAPITAL DISTRICT. Experience the difference at Squirt's Car Wash. We are committed to providing premium service and the ultimate experience in customer satisfaction!

Undercarriage Wash
Rocker Panel and Wheel Blaster
2 Step Presoak
High Pressure Wash
Triple Foaming Polish
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